Jaden Smith is doing his part to help bring clean water to Flint Michigan. The rapper and co-founder of Just Water have partnered with the First Trinity Missionary Baptist Chruch and other local organizations such as The Last Kilometer, Rethink h20, Black Millennials for Flint and 501 Three to create a mobile water treatment system called ‘The Water Box” that reduces lead and other contamination.

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According to ABC 12, since 2014 First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church has distributed over 5 million water bottles to residents but as time goes on, donations are declining.

In a statement, Smith says, “It was a community that people were talking about and donating and everybody was paying attention and then slowly that started to dwindle and dwindle away, but the problem didn’t go away” Smith said.


“The Water Box” will deliver 8-10 gallons of water per minute. “It’s going through three different filters, which remove all of the minerals and lead and other contaminants from the water. The last step is a UV treatment, which is going to kill anything that’s alive, any micro-bacterial,” Jaron Rothkop, President of The Last Kilometer, said.

While it has been nearly five years since the water crisis started in Flint which was caused by lead for the water pipes spreading into the drinking water, it is great to see a celebrity like Jaden Smith and others use their platform and resources to help those in need.

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