Kodak Black had some harsh words for Lil Wayne during an appearance at LIV Nightclub in Miami on Sunday, which was all caught on camera.

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In front of a crowd, the Florida rapper had some things to get off his chest about the Hip-Hop veteran when he heard that he was coming to the club. “Where Lil Wayne at?…You fuckin’ maggot,” Kodak said. “You should’ve died when you was a baby.”


Now we all know Reginae Carter does not play when it comes to her father and when she caught wind of the video, she immediately clapped back. She posted a throwback picture of Tunechi holding her as a baby and the caption read, “You new lil rappers need to start giving props and respect to the Goat. My father don’t bother nobody. He won’t even react to what was said. This man be in his own world so leave him tf alone.”

Kodak hopped on Instagram Live afterward to clarify his comments and address Weezy’s “bald headed daughter.” The “Roll in Peace” rapper claimed that he wasn’t coming at Wayne. “Finna pull up on you and come show you some love” during his show. That’s weird because the words were so harsh, many people who were at the club thought it was a diss. “Why would I want to touch Lil Wayne? He’s getting old, bruh. What I look like putting hands on Wayne. I weight like 180, bruh.”