Warriors Gaming, a professional e-sports team operated by the NBA’s Golden State Warriors, has drafted the first woman to be a professional gamer in the NBA 2K League. Chiquita Evans is a former college and semi-pro basketball player who began playing the video game competitively when her career was derailed by injuries.

She was selected in the fourth and final round of Tuesday night’s draft at Barclays Center by Warriors Gaming.

Evans, 30, is a professional NBA 2K player who is obsessed with basketball.  She is just one of two female players who entered the 198-player pool for Tuesday’s draft in Brooklyn — and now she’s a member of the Warriors family.

Evans will earn $33,000 to $37,000 per season as one of the league’s 126 pro players. She was most recently a trainer at a Planet Fitness in Louisville, Kentucky.

While in Brooklyn, Evans paid homage and stated: ” Biggie and Tupac are my all time favorite artists.” While getting ready for action, Evans acknowledged ” R&B music is a must, as it helps to ease my mind before a game.”

The NBA 2K League is a part of the eSports movement that takes place on either Xbox One or PlayStation 4 — and it’s quite the process. It includes a combine that players have to qualify for, an evaluation process that includes basketball/2K IQ tests from the application that players completed during the qualifier and audio submissions to select players as well.

So while Evans is shattering glass ceilings, she wants to make it known that she might be the first, but she doesn’t want to be the last.

“I do feel like if I get drafted, a lot more women will be interested and they will feel more comfortable with being themselves and going out here and competing,” Evans said. “I can only imagine, you know, four or five years down the line, how many women would feel comfortable enough to go out there and compete.”