Everyone loves a “how did you meet” story. On Wednesday, Chance The Rapper took the opportunity to share a storytime and picture of his now fiancée Kristen from the exact first day they met.

Chance begins the story by saying that he and his family attended a work party for his mother who was a real estate agent at a black-owned franchise called Re/Max. He didn’t want to be there so he spent his night in a corner chewing gum and playing his Gameboy but then out of nowhere boom,  they get a surprise!

Three girls appeared doing a rendition of Destiny’s Child hit song “Independent Women.” By this time, Chance has laid eyes on Kristen and he was stuck in a trance. Chance has won two school-wide talent shows for dancing so his dad encouraged him to show everyone his moves but he was too shy.

Fast-forward to 16 years later Chance will have the chance to dance with Kristen again because they will be getting married this weekend.