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In a six-year-old case of an injured fan at a concert, Tyga once again has a warrant issued for his arrest.

Shyanne Riekena sued Tyga and his music company after being left with a 4-inch gash in her head after one of the rapper’s concerts. Riekena filed the lawsuit in 2014 and won the lawsuit the following year, with a judge awarding her with $238K.

A warrant was issued for Tyga’s arrest in January of 2018 after the interest in the settlement grew to a whopping $250K.


Tyga has been facing financial problems for a while now, recently having his Maybach repoed for failing to pay the car’s $8K a month tab. Tyga ran into the repo men again at Floyd Mayweather’s bday bash, causing a confrontation that got him thrown out of the party by security.