Happy National Cereal Day!

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If there’s one brand that knows about the wonders of enjoying a good bowl of grains for breakfast, it’s definitely the peeps over at KITH Treats. As their menu specifically includes some of the most delectable cereal-based recipes, of course they had to commemorate the day with a special capsule drop that literally demands for the craving to be served.


The “Ransom” collection carries a theme as the title suggests, using a classic cut-out ransom letter motif on a set of signature T-Shirt and hoodie styles from the KITH archive. Since we know a thing a two about the best cereals at the market, let’s see if we can decode the letters: First, you’ve got “T” from Trix, the “R” and second “T” come by way of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, the red “E” comes off the Chex box, the shiny “A” is borrowed from Lucky Charms, and things cap off with a “S” from the classic Wheaties box. Hopefully one of your favorites is represented in the design!

Grab up the KITH Treats “Ransom” capsule collection — $55 USD for the tees and $150 USD for the hoodies — right now in-store and online while supplies last. Be sure to grab a box of your favorite cereal at your local grocery store on the way over, too.