Frustrated protestors erupted in the Sacramento City Council after California’s attorney general decided not to charge the police officers in the shooting of Stephon Clark.

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The officers involved in the fatal shooting were responding to a 911 call that accused a man in a black hoodie of breaking into cars. Moments later, Clark was laying dead in his grandmother’s backyard.


As per the 800-page report published by the Sacramento Police Department, the police claim they thought Stephon Clark was aiming an object at them and “advance forward with his arms extended and holding an object in his hands,” the report said.

“When I come around the corner … I left cover and I look and I see that same subject with his hoodie and sweatshirt pulled up and his arms pointed out extended like this,” Terrence Mercadal told detectives hours after he and Jared Robinet shot Clark.

“… At which time I looked and based on the light coming off of … my tactical light — it appeared I thought that he had already shot at me because I saw what I believed to be a metallic reflection or muzzle flash — something coming at me,” Mercadal said. “I was scared. I thought that he had shot at me. I think I remember yelling, ‘Gun.'”

The documents were posted on a website after State Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced that no charges would be filed against the officers.