The disgraced R&B singer is facing more legal trouble for his sexual deviancy. This time in Detroit.

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After his arrest yesterday for child support and being taken into custody last month on 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse, R. Kelly is now being accused of giving a sexually transmitted disease to a 13-year old girl as far back as 2001.

According to CBS, “Kelly and the alleged victim first had sex at the Detroit hotel on Dec. 30, 2001, The alleged victim said she and Kelly also had sex at a Detroit recording studio a few weeks later. The woman, now 30, visited Kelly at his home in Atlanta for a period of four years, where she says the singer gave her herpes when she was 17-years-old.”


Last year, another woman, Faith Rogers, alleged that Kelly gave her the incurable sexually transmitted disease.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig said that they are eagerly waiting to speak with the woman and possibly have the case transferred to Wayne County, Michigan. will bring you updates on the investigation as it develops.