We know it can be hard for the ladies to find good support — yes, we’re talking about that kind of support! — and Nike is giving our HER Source squad something that’s just the right fit in the form of the brand new FE/NOM Flyknit Bra.

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Arriving as part of the Nike Women’s Summer 2019 collection, these next-level performance bras are certified for approval thanks to compiled feedback the Swoosh received from its core audience: female athletes. The inaugural undergarment went through 600 hours of biometric testing, resulting in a product built from nylon-spandex yarn that assures breathability, cooling and overall support a stated above in essential zones. The combination of single-layer panels that form a seamless fit and separate cups for each breast that hold things together for a wire-free feel make for a lightweight construction that’s pretty much guaranteed to change your workout & athletic experience for the better. Just a little something to make your Women’s History Month that much greater, ladies!

Expect the FE/NOM Flyknit Bra, available in 57 styles, three support levels and sizes up to 44G, in addition to the full Nike Women’s Summer 2019 collection that’s set to include a Tech Pack, NSW capsule, Icon Clash collection and a football-themed set, to arrive starting this summer. Lookbook images below: