Da Baby is keeping his momentum strong.

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“You disrespect me and I’ll beat yo a** up all in front of your partners and children,” raps the Carolina rapper as Whoo Kid does the ad-libs.

After the release of his Interscope debut, Baby On Baby, the Charlotte native is taking full advantage of his press and promo run. He recently stopped by DJ Whoo Kid to drop a freestyle, share his bucket list of artists to work with and how he plans to change Charlotte’s reputation in the rap game.


When speaking about his city, Da Baby says Charlotte forces people to become one way or the other.

“It aint no place like Charlotte,” he tells Whoo Kid. “It’s either going to make you fold or it’s goin got mold you to be a certain type of person.

The “Baby Sitter” rapper credits his city for preparing him for the “bullsh** that gonna come with the rap game.”

Da Baby share a similar name to last year’s Rap Rookie of the year, Lil Baby. The two Southern rappers have linked up on the “Today Remix”, but hopefully we can get another one in the future. As far as the state of North Carolina, Petey Pablo and J Cole hail as Hip-Hop representatives. Now you can add Da Baby to the list as he makes his mark in the game.

Peep the full interview below.