What began as a backyard bash, has turned into a pour of profit for its creators and it resulted in a culture shift in their region.

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2K Pool Party started in 2012 with a group of friends at Florida Atlantic University. Like most college students, there are those who love to party, then there are those who throw the parties. 2K Pool Party co-founder, Julian Hanlan, and his friends were the latter. They were renowned for throwing parties in college in 2009. During the end of their college careers, one would assume that they wanted to go out with a bang. Julian and his crew threw a party that would birth 2K Pool Party.

Since 2012 both Spring Break and Memorial Day Weekend has been made by the 2k Pool Party. The movement now consists of 18 individuals working to achieve the same goal. The majority may never know who started what, but their supporters will help to make this year a success.


This year’s party is the “Mardi Gras edition, so the crew is bringing a piece of Bourbon Street to Miami. If you happen to miss out, well it’s your lost, no cap, but I’ll let the visuals speaking for itself.