According to several reports, the group of attackers who beat and robbed YBN Almighty Jay has been arrested, but not for the robbery of the Texas rapper and representative of the Rich Forever Entertainment imprint.

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Four members of the crew known as the “Jack Boyz” were taken into custody on Wednesday in relation to a federal investigation in the attempted murder case of an off-duty NYPD officer.

The Jack Boyz were questioned about the attack on Blac Chyna’s former beau, but they denied any involvement. At least two of the Jack Boyz, however, admitted to being on the scene of the Almighty Jay robbery, but Jay claims that he didn’t know any of the men who robbed and attacked him.


Last week Jay was robbed, beaten and even hit in the head with a Hennessy bottle, which was all caught on tape in an unprovoked attack in NYC.

If convicted of the federal attempted murder, all of the jack Boyz could face life in prison. will bring you more updates on this story as it develops.