Rah Digga is one avowed female emcee who has managed to maintain a little to none record when it comes to rap beef. In her constant motion of being civil yet standing her ground as a core lyricist, Digga is certainly positioned to recognize the affairs in the world of women in Hip-Hop, especially when it comes to unification. In a recent interview with Vlad TV, the Flipmode Squad first lady confirmed she was making reference to Nicki Minaj in a controversial tweet from 2017.

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Back in 2017, in a passionate Twitter discussion that included her top female emcees, she made a statement about there being one female rapper who does not conduct collaborations with other female rappers. While she never said the name of the female rapper she was referring to, many hypothesized she was making reference to Nicki Minaj.

When asked by DJ Vlad about the statement who assumed it was the Beam Me Up Scotty rapper, the Dirty Harriet emcee went on speak on the premise of the statement.


“I just get tired of people asking ‘What’s wrong with all the females? Why the females can’t get along?,'” said Digga. “I hate people constantly asking that question when it’s like, it’s not the females. There is just one particular person that entered the fold and now the female rap genre is up in arms.”

There is no denial about the influence Minaj has had on the forum of female rappers within the past ten years. She is unarguably the biggest femcee of the millennium, with triple platinum albums and gold records, recording breaking achievements reigning from chart entries to streams and music video views, and sold out concerts and ultimate mainstream appeal. Despite her success, both DJ Vlad and Rah Digga highlighted the Queens rapper’s fiasco of collaborating with other female rap artists and historic beefs including those of Lil’ Kim and Cardi B.

Rah Digga went on to speak on her prime time and how she was being pitted against Lil’ Kim and other female rappers due to her non-hyper sexual approach and anti-ghost writer stance. She acknowledged the various unique lanes in female rap, who the New Jersey native slated “Lauryn Hill, the Nubian goddess,” “Lil’ Kim, the sex kitten,” “Trina, the pit mama from the South,” and herself, “Rah Digga, the direct descendant of MC Lyte,” along with Chi-town’s Shawnna as examples.

“Females were clearly not getting along in my era too. This isn’t something that just started,” she said. “Chicks been not rocking. But, I think at the end of the day there was always still this underlying understanding that even if we don’t fuck with each other, we gonna rock with each other. Cause this is how we keep the genre moving.”

She continued:

“When Nicki Came along, it was like, why don’t you have the same energy as the rest of us?”

Rah Digga is clearly speaking from an angle of a seasoned emcee and did not hesitate to uphold Nicki Minaj’s influence. “I don’t take nothing from her because she really did, for the most part, revive female rap on the commercial front.”

She went on the suggest Minaj should have used her platform to pull worthy up and coming female rappers under her wing, including Cardi B.

“There’s Dreezy, there’s Dej Loaf. If she was smart, she would’ve scooped Cardi under her wing.”

Rah Digga’s vocal output on the state of women in Hip-Hop is a type of rhetoric that tends to be a taboo outlook for many other female rappers. Earlier in the interview she stated, “When you’re on the main stage, you pull your sisters up.” Will this be a matter Minaj tackles head on any time soon?

Check out Rah Digga’s interview with Vlad TV, below.