That low life thug turned the new bad guy of battle rap Jakkboy Maine seems to have touched a nerve with the Grammy-Award winning Lupe Fiasco in his recent battle vs. Chicago legend Big T on URLTV. Coming out swinging in Round one, Jakkboy took aim at a stack of Chicagoans including Common, Jennifer Hudson, Lupe Fiasco, R. Kelly, Oprah and most notably Kanye West for his recent comments that “Slavery was a choice”. But it was the comparative jab at 11:15 minutes in Round one at Lupe which has resulted in shots over twitter as well as exchanging bars between the two rappers – watch below.

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The current King of BANNED on URL, Jakkboy Maine’s unique style and delivery is a breath of fresh air in battle rap that his Goonies crew have been responsible for in recent years through most notable Nu Jerzey Twork as well as Glueazy and Ryda. A strong performer that will touch on anything though as previously untouchable, there’s a reason why the legendary Philly battle rap icon Tech 9 from Champion has been getting at Jakkboy over the previous months.


Lupe has himself worked with a string of high-profile recording artists since breaking out with his 2006 album Food & Liquor including Jay Z, Kanye West, The Neptunes, Jill Scott, Snoop Dogg, Common plus dozens more. Hugely successful earlier on in this decade, Lupe continues to have a legion of fans with a string of quality albums since seeing him now relatively teetering on mainstream-like sales of his music which he never compromised still today. A classic battle with Jakkboy Maine as he alluded to himself to take place on SMACK / URL could be the fuel to reignite Lupe Fiasco’s recording career in a major way as the music industry continues to embrace battle with the likes of Mickey Factz, King Los and Cassidy all stepping back into the ring of late / in the near future. Lupe has long proved he is a versatile, talented all-rounded rapper and recording artist, but can he match the fire of an in-form Jakkboy Maine in career best form? Stay tuned for future developments.

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