Last week news broke that Former Disney star Kyle Massey was being sued by a teenage girl for allegedly sending her images of his erect penis and some sexually explicit text messages for $1.5 million. Well, Massey is speaking out about it and maintaining his innocence, calling the allegations just an extortion plot.

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In a statement to TMZ Massey’s lawyer Lee Hutton says his client couldn’t be clearer… “No child should ever be exposed to sexually explicit materials and I unequivocally and categorically any alleged misconduct.”

Massey says this entire incident is just a way to get some money. He claims earlier this year the accuser’s legal team demanded $1.5 million dollars and threatened to ruin his career if he didn’t give them the money. However, Massey told the accuser that he isn’t giving her anything.


In the lawsuit, the accuser claims that she and her mom met Massey at Universal City in 2009 when she was four years old. She claims Massey maintained contact with her and held himself as a father figure. The accuser also admits that she has longed for a career in the entertainment business so in December she claims that she flew to L.A. to stay with Massey and his girlfriend so he could help get an agent. Days later is when the accuser said the inappropriate text messages began.

If Massey is found guilty, do you think the accuser’s mother should be found guilty as well?