Meek Mill continues raking in W’s while he’s on The Motivation Tour.

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Before gracing the stage at XFINITY Theatre in Hartford, Connecticut the Philly rapper was honored with the key to the city and March 19th was declared Meek Mill Day. Meek received the honors for his work as a criminal justice reform advocate.

He was also acknowledged for his criminal justice reform work by Houston and his hometown.


Meek Mill performed in Connecticut just one day after the CEO of the REFORM Alliance co-founded by the rapper, JAY-Z, Michael Rubin, and more, Van Jones spoke about the passing of a bill that will restore felons’ voting privilege.

“When people are trying to turn their lives around, we should throw them a lifeline and not an anvil,” said Jones, the CEO of REFORM Alliance. “Too often when people come home from prison, if they’ve done well on the inside, they’ve taken classes, they’ve gotten certificates, they think they’re going to come home and do well, and they find doors closed in their faces. And the only door that opens is the door back to prison, and that’s wrong. And we can do something about that. This is supposed to be a country that loves the underdog, loves the second chance, loves a comeback story.”

Meek was unable to attend Monday’s meeting but showed love by gifting the governor and parolees pairs of his PUMA Clyde Court #REFORM sneakers.