Although Gucci has officially announced its initiative to promote diversity and inclusivity in their company, T.I. is still boycotting them.

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In the video below, the Atlanta rapper is seen schooling a young man who is reportedly wearing Gucci. “It’s what’s in you, not what’s on you,” Tip said to the man. “We make that sh*t fly.”

“Look at me, I’m fly as a muthafucka and I ain’t got that shit on,” he continued. “I look better than you as a matter of fact.”


The young man tried to make a point that T.I. used to rock Gucci before the boycott to which the vet responded, “Yeah, they showed me their disrespect and guess what, I can’t do it no more.”

The “Live Your Life” rapper was one of the many Black public figures to publicly denounce the luxury brand after the release of their wool balaclava sweater that closely resembles a person in blackface. “We ALL GOTTA Stop buying, wearing, and supporting this piece of shit company And ALL PIECE OF SHIT COMPANIES UNTIL THEY LEARN TO RESPECT OUR DOLLARS & VALUE OUR BUSINESS!!!! Our culture RUNS THIS SHIT!!!” Tip wrote on Instagram.

Gucci has since issued an apology and launched their Gucci changemakers global campaign, which will donate $5 million to fund a scholarship program. Not sure if Tip didn’t get the memo, or he just canceled Gucci forever.

Check out the video below: