Lupe Fiasco is one of the most renown lyricists in the game. His reputation as a top tier MC has been set in stone since he debuted in 2006. With his skills, lyricism is the last thing in the world that you would think Lupe would need help creating.

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Lupe made these claims on his own social media. In a video he posted to Twitter on Wednesday (March 20), the Chicago rapper calls out Atlantic for allegedly trying to change his image and stifle his creativity. But the true bombshell is that he alleges that the brass over at Atlantic tried to convince the “Hip-Hop Saved My Life,” MC to employ the assistance of ghostwriters to ensure his success.

“Atlantic is so filthy with the shit, that they would turn around and have a team of writers, a team of producers waiting for you! So, once you go through the meeting, they strip away all your esteem, they strip away all your confidence and your own work,” Fiasco says in the video. “They send you right to the studio with the hot producer of the time with the creative team and the writers, and they got whole songs waiting on you. And for some niggas, they even got their raps waiting on you! You won’t believe the phone calls I got in the middle of the night from niggas talking about, ‘Man I want you to come into the studio but let me write all your shit!'”


Lupe has had major issues with Atlantic Records, his former label. On his latest project, Drogas Wave, he released it on his own imprint 1st and 15th productions.