R. Kelly’s request to travel to Dubai and perform was placed on hold in court on Friday but by request of his own attorney. Steven Greenberg, attorney for the R&B hitmaker, requested a delay in the decision to be able to collect more information to present to the Judge.

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The trip for R. Kelly was scheduled to occur in April and include visitation with dignitaries and travel by private jet for up to five concerts, allowing for him to make money since he is unable to in the United States. The quick trip was believed to be able to assist child support, unpaid rent, and legal fees.

Kelly was arrested twice in the last couple months and the Chicago Tribune reports that he cannot leave the state of Illinois without being granted permission from the courts.


A current fixture in headlines, more details regarding sexual misconduct have emerged for R. Kelly, including a report that he commanded a woman to “talk like a little girl.” Advocating for himself, Kells states he did not have sex with Aaliyah’s mother as previously reported and even returned to social media to sing “Happy Birthday” to his daughter.

R. Kelly’s next court appearance will not be until May 7.