It is now safe to say nearly 14 years since her last album, Lil’ Kim is officially on the verge of dropping a new album. During a show in Atlantic City on Saturday (Mar. 23), the Queen Bee revealed the release date of her forthcoming album Nine, and it appears to be any day from now.

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According to the rap legend, her fifth album, Nine will be released on May 17, which is less than two months away.


“Alright, well I’m here…fuck it. May 17th. ‘Nine’. The album. It’s my fifth album,” she said.

She went on the praise the effort, suggesting it will present a bop-bound appeal and announced it will feature a collaboration with Rick Ross.

“I got some shit for y’all! One of my favorites is this record I got with Ricky Rozay. Crazy.”

Let’s not get it twisted. Lil’ Kim has not been a ghost from the music scene. She has been pretty active within that 14-year album gap. Since her fourth album The Naked Truth, she has dropped four mixtapes including Ms. G.O.A.T. (2008), Black Friday (2011), Hard Core 2K14 (2014), and Lil Kim Season (2016). Contributing to her library of collaborative efforts, in 2017 she was featured on Remy Ma’s “Wake Me Up” single which sampled one of Kim’s most historically favored songs “Queen Bitch.” She also released two singles last year, “Took Us A Break” and “Nasty One,” tracks that serve as a gimmick for what direction the Brooklyn rap legend is taking as she makes her return.