Kansas City rapper and indie label owner, Tech N9ne took to social media today to  let all his family and friends know that he is alive and well.

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Just last night, another rapper with a similar moniker transitioned and cause an uproar. Many scrambled trying to place which emcee was in memorial.  Tech N9ne, 47, is from Kansas City and founded the mid-west label, Strange Music, dropping content that proved to be the soundtrack for various films, video games, and television shows. The junior Tech, 32, is from Philadelphia and was from that class of battle rappers that easily transitioned from street rhyming to the digital YouTube age. Most unique about Tech 9, the battler, is that he understood the expansive reach of the emerging industry of battle rap.

With his vision, he aligned himself with popular rap blogger Jay Blac and created the Champion series. A platform that provides commentary on battles and live events, they to distinguish themselves from the pack by hosting their show in a slick professional talk show style, implementing marketing and production techniques used on networks like ESPN and TNT and combined the passion of Stephen A. Smith, the comedy of Shaquille O’Neal and the energy & beloved-ness of Gene Okerlund.


The KC rapper gave a salute to the fallen soldier that shared the same name and also assured his fan base that he is ok.

Many other celebrities chimed in with their condolences.