Future recently sat down for an interview at Atlanta’s Street 94.5 and the Gucci controversy was raised in the conversation. Rightfully so because one of the rapper’s infamous lines is, “I just f****d your b***h in some Gucci flip flops.”

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“Man, I bought Gucci before it got canceled so I’m still gon’ wear it because that’s my money,” the “Crushed Up” rapper said. “If you wanna give my money back then we can talk, because I’m a businessman. So, you can buy my clothes back if you want me to not wear it, but you can’t tell me. Because I don’t feel like they did it out of ill intentions, but it ain’t for me to judge, you know what I’m saying?”

Based on what Future’s saying, problems are resolved by engaging in “real conversation” with the designers. “Y’all haven’t had no conversation with the designer,” he said. “Y’all don’t know nothing about the background of the designer. The designer momma could be black, the designer daddy could be black, the designer could be black. Like, they don’t even understand. They’re just going off what somebody says in a comment. I can’t go off a comment. I just don’t know how to do that. That would be ignorant of me.”


In the weeks since the Gucci blackface sweater controversy, many Hip Hop heads have made passionate calls for a boycott including T.I. and Soulja Boy. But apparently, that isn’t enough for Future Hendrixx to put the designer to rest.