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On sight, there are few things that rapper Meek Mill and Michael Rubin have in common. An immediate go to could be their love for sports and their city. But a lot of people in Philly love Philly and its atmosphere of sports. One could name thousands of folk that swear that Rocky Balboa could beat Floyd Mayweather. Let’s not get started on people who will tell you that Dr. J went to Overbrook High School and that though they lost the championship this year, that the Eagles are not the best team in the country. Philly people love their teams and to boast about how superior their teams are in contrast to everyone else. So clearly, that’s not why these two have clicked.

HBO will inform fans why this two mix-match of a pairing have become such good friends on the latest edition of Real Sports: Born to Sell. The biography will highlight Michael Rubin and his rise to success, activism and love for one of Hip-Hop’s most “championed” emcees.

This deep dive into his life will show a side of that few has seen or even known about.


One revelation is that Rubin was a college-dropout and that he build his empire by using the grit of entrepreneurship to establish his mark in the world. Now, at 47 Rubin is one of the youngest billionaires in the country co-owning his hometown basketball team the 76ers and the New Jersey Devils. But that’s not it.

As a member of Generation X, he has adopted the mantra that all good businessmen care about social justice and worked to bridge the gap with his millennial friend Meek and working for criminal justice reform by bringing together leaders from sports, entertainment, and business to launch REFORM, a non-profit organization dedicated to fundamentally changing state probation and parole laws around the country. The full interview is streaming on HBO.