Mannie Fresh spent the last two decades laying down the foundation of one of Hip Hop’s prominent record labels. He is the creator of the original Cash Money sound and produced just about every timeless classic from the record label from the ’99 straight to the 2000s.

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He has recently partnered with Splice to allow beat makers to sample his lengthy catalog. Splice is a music production platform and they joined forces with the Hip Hop vet to release their very first beat package which features drums, loops and even vocals that have become synonymous with Mannie Fresh.

“I’ve always had people ask why I haven’t done a sound pack yet,” Mannie said when asked about his recent partnership in an interview with XXL.


“I just figured, why not partner with a company that I actually get sounds from, because Splice has always been my go-to if I was in a jam and I forgot something. Sometimes you can be somewhere across the world and somebody asks you about doing a beat and I’m like, damn I didn’t bring nothing to do the beat. But I know where I can get a kick from or a snare from, because like I said they’ve been my go-to to do that. So that was kind of like the marriage. They are 100 with how they do it, how they put it out and how they support it.”

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