According to Meek Mill, Bobby Shmurda has no idea of the work that he’s trying to accomplish. Meek’s efforts concerning prison reform and the entire criminal justice system as a whole has been gaining momentum. Meek wants to keep it all the positive energy so he took the time to respond to Bobby Shmurda.

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In an interview with Shmurda Monday (March 25), who currently is serving prison sentence said he couldn’t possibly join Meek’s movement upon his release. “I tell people all the time I respect what he’s doing but I can’t do it though, you understand?” Shmurda told Sirius XM’s Swaggy Sie. “I can talk to the kids, but I’m ain’t about to be sitting here protesting and politicking for no muthafuckin’ cops because them muthafuckas don’t care.”

Meek took to Instagram to share his thoughts and to set the record straight.


“Somebody gave Bobby the wrong information,” Meek wrote on Tuesday (March 26). “Nothing I got going on has nothing to do with speaking up for the cops!”

Shmurda believes that bringing awareness to criminal justice reform will never bring about the necessary changes that need to happen. But Shmurda did say that he is open to having a dialogue with Meek about the Reform Alliance, the criminal justice reform coalition that he established with Jay-Z.