During a recent visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live, to talk about her latest movie Little, Regina Hall opened up about the time she and her mother accidentally got too high.

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Hall begins by saying she had marijuana because she used to give it to her dog, who has since past away but because she didn’t want to waste “the good stuff” she gave a little to her mother who has arthritis and she took a little as well. Hall then went on to say she encouraged her mother to learn how to properly use marijuana if she wanted to use it in the future.

“I told my mama, look mommy because she was visiting me, you need to learn how to do this yourself if you are going to continue to use it.”


The Girls Trip actor then said instead of eating edibles, she uses the kind that comes in a tube.

“It’s not an edible, it’s in a tube. It’s not oil, it has the consistency of honey or tar and you put a little bit on a cracker or cookie, this is to help heal.”

Unfortunately,  her mother used too much.

“I knew it was too much. I said mommy, that’s too much and she said I quote, ‘that little dab you give me barely does enough.’”

Hall says her mother took the marijuana at nine because she was going to bed early. The two then stayed up to watch an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live and then her mother went to bed around 11:45. When Hall went to go tell her mother good night, that’s when things kind of went left.

Before Hall went to bed, she checked on her mother who alerted her that something may be wrong. “ I said mommy, are you okay? That’s when she said, “I don’t think so.” “I said mommy are you having a stroke?” She said, “’I think so.’ she couldn’t move her mouth so I called an ambulance.”

The lesson Hall says she has learned from this experience is that when her mom’s mouth gets like that, she is just high.

Little which is scheduled to release April 12, 2019, which focuses on a tech mogul who ends up reliving her life through a child’s body after a girl she offended puts a spell on her. The film also stars Marsai Martin and Issa Rae.