Following a preview last year and our one-on-one with Christopher Bevans himself, tech-savvy sportswear imprint DYNE is officially rolling out its nature-inspired SS19 collection with a new lookbook that doubles down on the outdoors theme overall.

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The autumn backdrop seen here allows for DYNE to really show off the technical aspects of these garments. From shorts with sheer pockets and taped seam closure that allow for a better running experience, to water resistant nylon outwear and hoodies constructed using very detailed tailoring and cuts, the collection overall embodies what sportswear should look like as we step into the future of athletic apparel. The built-in NFC technology, also called near field communication, adds an even greater tech perk by offering an on-the-spot shopping & shipping experience done completely off your phone.

To find out more about the NFC technology in DYNE’s SS19 collection, head to the brand’s web store where you’ll also be able to shop as well. Peep the latest lookbook below: