KITH Treats is feeling lucky this weekend, debuting a new capsule collection today for those that enjoy a night of placing bets and putting all their cards on the line at the casino.

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The new “Treats Jackpot” offering is mainly comprised of T-shirts and hoodies, each incorporating motifs inspired by the gambling industry that include betting chips, slot machines and cards for the Blackjack pros out there. The color theme is simple for the most, with black, white, navy and grey being offered in 100% cotton. The add-ons are pretty cool as well, like a scratch-off game card that gives you a chance to come up big time on the next KITH Treats capsule, and even a candy collab with Sugarfina in the form of cherry gummies. If we had to bet, we’d recommend you cop this one ASAP before it sells out like past drops.

The “Treats Jackpot” collection can be purchased now at KITH Treats locations and online, followed by a release in Tokyo starting tomorrow (March 31). More pics below:

Images: KITH Treats