Four stops into the “Breaking the Internet” tour starring DDG & his host of young tour-mates are ripping up stages at each show. Last night’s stop at New York’s legendary Sounds of Brazil (SOB’s) was no exception. While stopping in the Big Apple, the “turn-up” was real. At the sold out show, hundreds of homelanders (19- under) and millennials (20- 35), fans lined up for a chance to watch these internet sensations convert to music stars and rock the house.

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In addition to the main man DDG, who dropped hits chanted by damn near the entire festival-like crowd, Tusla, Oklahoma YouTube sensation, B.Lou also rocked the crowd with a performance that had attendees jumping out of their shoes.  Despite certain technical difficulties with the sound system, his talent and passion carried him through. Being from the midwest was no hinderance for the birthplace of Hip-Hop. His high energy superseded any differences that might have been an obstacle for the 24-year old.

The show launched early-on when Birmingham Alabama’s Baby Rich hit the set wasting no time turning up the crowd.  It was followed by the impressive R&B songstress Domi V who also hails from OK, and then crooner Jazze from PA.  Also up was Sheem Kluaf from the boogie-down Bronx. Comfortable in his hometown, the crowd understood that his mellow vibe was part of the flavor that has distinguished him from the others in the crowd over the last three years. “Tranquil” is the word that is often use and it would be appropriate.


The next act was the super popular TyTheGuy, who not only bounced the crowd with bangers but also treated the audience to a variety show type exhibition with his homie Yung Charc from Atlanta, both Internet stars poised to take the music game by storm, not just cash-in on their vlog fame.  Another talented artist, who had the crowd on smash was the popular Flight who has been slapping all tour.

17 year old singer/songwriter, and NYC’s own, Kyla Imani electrified the stage with her grade A stage performance. Bringing that Pop/R&B flare to the night, reminding folk of the vocal stylings of Brandy and the dance style of Aaliyah, all packaged in her own way.

All the artists kept the crowd amped the entire show, anticipating DDG to bring the show home.  Laced in a He gave the fans exactly what they wanted. Industry execs also got what they wanted. Legendary music executive Sylvia Rhone and her senior music execs from Epic Records were in the building to witness their artist DDG shine beyond the impressive start of his social media come-up.  If that wasn’t enough, YOUTube could not let this much talent, who launched off their platform, come through without massive content capture and coverage…  You can expect to see these performances soon.

The Source was on-hand to serve as a media partner covering these emerging FUTURE stars back stage, on-stage, in the corwd moments to best give fans a taste of what they might have missed… Log onto (and all social channels) to see more content of the Breaking The Internet Tour.  Stay-tuned for the THE SOURCE’S FUTURE & UNSIGNED HYPE ISSUE COMING SOON!!!

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