The next leader of Chicago will be Lori Lightfoot, the city’s first openly gay and first African-American woman mayor. 

Lightfoot defeated another African-American woman in Cook County Board President.

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At the time the race was called, Lightfoot registered 75% of the votes and held an advantage of over 160,000 votes. The blow out victory was called less than an hour after polls closed across the city. 

“I feel very humbled and honored. I’m gonna do everything I can to earn it,” Lightfoot told the Chicago Sun-Times.

The victory for Lightfoot will come with all 50 of the wards across Chicago in support of Lightfoot, however, the voter’s turnout was a record low of 32%, which is lower than the 35% that showed during the race between current mayor Rahm Emanuel and his most recent opponent Jesus “Chuy” Garcia.


Lightfoot is a former federal prosecutor, with this being her first campaign for any elected office. She is now the second African-American to serve as mayor in the city’s history, she is also the second woman to do so.