Jeff Bezos might not be all done with real estate in New York City.

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While the big plans for Amazon’s HQ2 to be built in Long Island City were abruptly called off, New York Knicks legend Charles Oakley believes Bezos still might make a splash in the city with a different kind of investment — buying the Knicks from embattled owner James Dolan.


“I heard that. Jeff Bezos wants to buy the Knicks.  He still wants to do some real estate in New York so why not buy the Garden?” Oakley said during the pilot episode of The Ringer‘s new cooking show Tough Chef with Charles Oakley.

He added that Bezos had the kind of money to move on any decision he wanted to make without having to wait for investors or loans.

“That’s someone you can’t question,” Oakley said of Bezos. “It ain’t like he needs to get three or four other investors. He’s the investor, himself.”

Oakley also painted a painful scenario of what summer 19 might actually look like for Knicks’ fans.

“I don’t think [Irving and Durant]… Right now it’s too (many) problems with management, with the fans, just too much going on with the team and tanking,” Oakley said. “If anybody I think they’re gonna end up getting Kemba Walker and Jimmy Butler before KD and Kyrie.”

While everyone knows Knicks management has been a league joke, minus the owner, the Knicks do have the only black ran front office in the league. If Bezos is really considering purchasing the Knicks, it would only add value to his real estate portfolio, and make him an owner of a cornerstone sports franchise.