Kid The Wiz, the viral dance sensation who’s been taking the world by storm since his big break on America’s Got Talent Season 8 in 2013, is now the star of a new campaign with RUNA Clean Energy Drink that gives him the chance to really show off his high-energy foot work. If you need a quick refreshment of just how ill this guy is, check out this throwback clip he just recently on IG.

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Although 10 years have passed since the video above, which shows the new father in a heated “litefeet” battle, not much has change in terms of his amazing skill level. Partnering up with RUNA, he’s able to show just that by giving us a quick tutorial on how he’s able to go from the smoothest Milly Rock to his signature hat flip trick without even breaking a sweat. Of course, RUNA helps him keep that energy going by providing a new drink that’s full of natural caffeine simply by using guayusa leaf as the key ingredient. When brewed, guayusa can pack more caffeine than you daily strong cup of joe, resulting in more sustained energy, clarity on the membrane and crash-free focus. It tastes pretty sweet too, coming in Berry, Pineapple and Mango. Those that like a sugar-free drink, the Zero series is offered as well, packing in zero calories and no artificial sweeteners or stevia. Perfect for getting your light feet going!

Watch Kid the Wiz and other fellow movers and shakers in the RUNA ad campaign below, and learn more about the new clean energy drink by heading to their official website.