There’s no question that T.I. has had a long, successful career. However, one Instagram user doesn’t seem to agree.

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While taking a dip in the pool with his daughter, Tip hopped on Instagram Live and came across a comment that suggested the Atlanta rapper hasn’t done enough musically to be eulogized.

It said, ‘T.I. had two good songs I won’t lie.’ … If 18 years later, two good songs get your ass out here with this kinda lifestyle, you better get you two good songs then, buddy. … You better start working on them two good songs,” T.I. said, laughing as he pointed the camera at the massive pool he was swimming in. “Can’t worry about the lies more than you worry about the truth. Never can do that.”


DJ Akademiks posted the Instagram live and Drake came through in the comments with the assist. “I think he meant two many good songs,” Champagne Papi said.

Drake is absolutely correct. Tip has three No. 1 albums, aper Trail, King, T.I. vs. T.I.P.—and two No. 2 albums, Trouble Man: Heavy Is the Head and Paperwork. Additionally, he has a number of chart-topping songs including Whatever You Like,” “No Mediocre,” “U Don’t Know Me,” “Dead and Gone,” “Big Things Poppin’,” “Bring Em Out,” “Live Your Life,” and “You Know What It Is.” Aside from commercial success, T.I. arguably invented trap music, and starred in the film ATL, which is now a cult classic.