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When the Republican California Congressman, Devin Nunes files a lawsuit against Twitter in the middle of March for allowing parody accounts like @devincow to pop up, the lawmaker had no idea that the complaint is only making the issue become larger. The fake account went from having a couple of hundred followers to now over 635K.

While some politicians, namely our president, love being on Twitter… Nunes does not seem to feel like having his name trendy.

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And while you would think that this would stop him dead in his tracks, according to the popular political site Hill Reporter reports that he has announced a new lawsuit against his local newspaper, The Fresno Bee.

The allegations in this lawsuit are that the publisher for The Fresno Bee was responsible for the alleged “fake news” about him and his family.

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Congressman Nunes continues, “If you’re out there and you lied and you defamed, we are going to come after you.” Nunes is bringing the fight he has for his constituents to the newspaper.

Where is this coming from?

In 2016, The Fresno Bee ran a story about a yacht party that went left and a winery partially owned by Nunes. No one really knows what went on, but a lawsuit against winery was filed by an employee who worked that night and the business settled it.  Although Nunes wasn’t there, the newspaper ran the article with his name splashed across the top of it.

Nunes asserts “It traveled through social media like wildfire. McClatchy’s words obviously had their desired effect – they linked Nunes to ‘underage prostitutes’ and ‘cocaine.”

This is only adding fuel to the fire. #Developing