The 6 God is being himself. After all he has made a career from reminiscing.

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Drake recently took to Instagram to share some of his old Twitter DMs. It has been over a decade since anyone asked who Drake was. Prior to his legendary career as an artist, he starred as Jimmy Brooks in the Canadian teen-drama series, Degrassi. At the time, Aubrey Graham’s middle name was not as famous as it is now. In 2019 he is by far the biggest rapper and one of the biggest artists in the world.

In his most recently Instagram post, he shares Twitter conversations from Kendrick Lamar, Trey Songz, Kevin Durant and more.


“Logged into my twitter today and got a quick reminder that time is in full flight…a lot of blessings to be aware and appreciative of for so many of us…take a quick moment to digest the progression in your life no matter how small or large. Then get back to it ??”

In the message, Trigga Trey tells the “In My Feelings” artist to hit him on his blackberry. Talk about a throwback moment. In addition, Kendrick Lamar talks about finishing his section80. project, which would launch the 13-time Grammy recipient’s career. K-Dot was featured on “Buried Alive Interlude” from Drake’s sophomore project, Take Care and would join him on the Club Paradise tour. On the track, he documents the story of a meeting with Drake in Toronto.

He speaks to Kevin Durant and Tristan Thompson. The Warriors superstar wanted to cop some OVO merch before it was even a global brand. Thompson, a fellow Canadian, was an NBA rookie at the time, waiting to prove himself in the NBA. Other messages include the infamous Paris Morton, who is the muse for “Paris Morton Music 1” and 2 as well as ASAP Yams.

Drake is the king of nostalgia, but we already knew this. His effort to paint vivid images through his music with fluidity remains one of his best qualities as an artist. It is good to see how far everyone has come.