In a now deleted, tweet British singer Ella Mai said, “I’d be so embarrassed if someone brought me on stage and the only thing I could sing was someone else’s song because nobody actually knew my music. Poor thing.”

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Well, fans have speculated that the person the “Shot Clock” singer is taking shots at is Jacquees because he performed “Trip” when he was brought out on stage by Tory Lanez while in London O2 Arena. If you remember, Jacquees remixed Ella Mai’s song Trip which caused so much controversy that his version of the song was removed from Soundcloud and Youtube after he was sent a cease and desist.

This shade did not sit well with Jacquees girlfriend Dreezy who hopped into the Shaderoom’s comments to defend her man.


“1st of all he hates performing that song. They put him on the spot and he did what he was supposed to do. Every single he dropped is gold or plat. Humble yourself girl.”

In an effort to clear things up and let us know that he has, in fact,  gone gold, Jacquees responded by saying, “Me and @djmustard already cleared this up and we plan on working we on the next page. I’m doing what I do. Much success to you Ella Mai.”

“Yea and everything gold, or plat…B.E.D. At The Club, Ocean, You, Your Peace Next!”

Tory Lanez also jumped into the conversation taking his friend’s side by posting a video of the concert to the crowd singing along with Jacquees to his version of Trip with the caption, “I brought my lil brother out to his own shit. My nigga ain’t even want to perform the remix. Matter of fact, he hates performing it but I put him on the spot cuz I figured we were in London at the O2, 30,000 in the stands and a bunch of kids were asking for the remix. On another note @Jacquees, you killed all the songs you performed tonight. Keep shining my nigga.”

Do you think Ella Mai owes Jacquees an apology?