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Young Kodak and The Game aren’t the best of friends at the moment.

In true Kodak Black fashion, he took to Instagram live to respond to address a couple of recent occurrances. The “Zeze” rapper received alot of heat after expressing his interest in Lauren London in the wake Nipsey Hussle’s death. The comments were extremely disrespectful and insensitive.

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Both The Game and T.I. came to Lauren’s defense on behalf of the late rapper. T.I. went so far as motioning the removal of Kodak’s representation at the Trap Museum in Atlanta. The “Dying To Live” rapper responding saying he didn’t give T.I. permission to represent him in the museum. Obviously, T.I. admired the young rapper’s success in his early career, but his comments crossed the line.

On the other hand, The Game responded by warning Kodak to show Nipsey some respect.

Although Kodak took longer to respond to the game directly, he clowned The Game for his past occupation as a male stripper.

“You was a booty shaker, said the Florida rapper. 50 Cent had to come get you off the pole like whatchu talkin’ bout. Yo, leave me alone. Stop talking about me. If Lauren ain’t said nothing, y’all need to leave me alone.”

Addressing an issue on social media only escalates the intensity of the problem. Fans, internet trolls and a number of unwanted opinions live in the comments of Instagram posts.

The right comment can trigger a back and forth like we’ve seen this week. Private conversations are more ideal, but Kodak is not excused for his impudent behavior and blunt disregard to Nipsey Hussle. It is hopeful to think that Kodak will leave the situation peacefully, but it does not look likely.