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During Thursday’s memorial service for Nipsey Hussle at The Staples Center in Los Angeles, his brother Samiel Asghedom, also known as Blacc Sam spoke about how proud he is of his brother, how he has always been a doer,  and he even shared some stories about Nipsey from their childhood.

He began the speech by telling us Nip has always been about the action because he was heavily influenced by people who were making moves.

“We molded ourselves after positive people who were not on drugs. That wasn’t alcoholics. The hustlers basically. They didn’t even have to really say anything to us they demonstrated with action. That’s what Nip was about. He was about demonstrating and coming back so people could walk up to him touch him and see.”

He then continued by telling us that Nipsey’s music reflected his real life and that he did an amazing job while here on Earth.


“I swear to god everything he said in the music is who he was, I hope he knows were all proud of him. If I die today I know the set proud n*gga. And that’s how Nip thought, he loved everybody and just wants to inspire. It wasn’t about handouts and giving. Nip was about demonstrating, he appreciated the pats on the back. You make the world proud, the whole family appreciates everything.”

Blacc Sam also shared some stories about Nipsey from their childhood. The first story was about how Nipsey always had his back.

“We were fighting all the time but the first time I got into a fight and got knocked out. Man, it was on 60th and I got knocked unconscious. As I was waking up, Nip who was younger than me was pushing the guy, fighting him down the block. I jumped back up and ran up but I always knew but I said to myself alright, bro held it down.”

Another memory Blacc Sam shared with the fans who gathered to pay their final respects was about how Nipsey put together a computer at the age of twelve and then years later used to the same computer for his music.

Their grandfather had purchased them a computer but they ended up breaking it. When the brothers got older Nipsey wanted a computer so he started bringing home computer parts and begin fixing the broken computer. The two shared a bedroom so it became cluttered with computer parts.

“I would say, you aren’t going anywhere, you are going to help me clean the room. He brought these computer parts and I was like man, we can’t keep these in this room but he was like no, I’m going to build a computer. I was like man if you don’t get out of here. He was twelve years old and a computer to me back then was like rocket science so I was like there is no way, get this shit out of here. He came back the next day with another piece of computer. It took him about a week or two and we had all the computer parts on the floor. He went to a computer auction and bought a case and bought a power supply and I came home one day and he had the magazine that my grandfather had bought and he had the computer and it was working. I could not believe it. He had built a computer and it was working.” He then ended the story by saying “a few years later he ended up getting software and being able to record music on that computer.”

To watch the full video of Blacc Sam honoring his brother Nispey, click here