It appears that R. Kelly needs to book some more 28-second performances. A new report from the Blast states that R. Kelly’s bank account is currently in the negative.

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R. Kelly was forced to cough up $150,000, which has left a $13 negative balance behind. Kells banks at Wintrust Bank, who alerted his former landlord of the negative balance in his account.

There was two additional accounts owned by the “Steph in the Name of Love” singer that contained $154,527.22 combined but everything was seized but $625 to settle a debt.


The withdrawal of fees from R. Kelly is a part of a ruling that went in favor of his former landlord in a total of $173,000. In efforts to collect the debt, subpoenas were issued to Sony Music, ASCAP and the banks that Kelly did his business.

The landlord is currently looking for an additional $50,000 to be released from Sony Music to completely settle the debut of R. Kelly.