HBO’s Game of Thrones has a large fan base, made up of a lot of Black viewers. The proof is in the #DemThrones hashtag which mainly consists of hilarious memes and GIFs posted by Black Twitter users. However, Marlon Wayans is criticizing the popular show for its lack of representation.

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In an interview with TMZ, the comedian said, “I don’t see a lot of brothers on it. It ain’t no Juliuses, Lamars, and a Jamal. Imagine Jamal on a dragon,” said Wayans. He added, “It’s either Walking Dead or Game of Thrones, and I chose Walking Dead because I don’t have all that f*cking time to binge watch all this sh*t.”


This isn’t the first time Game of Thrones has been called it for its lack of Black actors. Star Wars actor, John Boyega, criticized the fantasy for its lack of black actors in a 2017 GQ article.

Other points that have been raised in the past is that prominent Black actors all portray former slaves (Missandei, Grey Worm) or uncivilized barbarians (Khal Drogo). However, that will reportedly be fixed in the prequel as British actress Naomi Ackie will reportedly take on a lead role.

Additionally, the network partnered with Columbia Records for this season’s soundtrack and its made up of a lot of Hip Hop/R&B acts including Travis Scott, SZA, Joey Bada$$, A$AP Rocky, Chloe and Halle, Ty Dolla Sign and more.

Although Marlon Wayans isn’t a regular viewer, the season eight premiere brought in a series record 17.4 million viewers on Sunday with 11.8 million viewers tuning in at the original 9 pm airtime.