Nipsey Hussle’s family is kindly declining any crowdfunding efforts because the slain rapper made sure they were set up for life.

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During his life, the Victory Lap rapper was remembered as a savvy businessman. He owned all the masters to his recordings, his retail store, and TMZ reports that he has multiple trust funds for his two children, Emani and Kross. Plus Nip rapped about owning his masters and having million dollar life insurance on his flesh in his song, “Rap N****s.”

Last week, Reggie Bush announced that he was launching a $100,000 GoFundMe campaign to donate to Nipsey Hussle’s family. He was dragged online for being a clout chaser. Even Nip’s longtime business partner, Karen Civil, strangely called him out and asked him to remove the unwarranted campaign.


Shortly after his death, there were fake reports circling that JAY-Z was setting up a trust fund for the Crenshaw rapper’s family.

TMZ reports that the family is grateful for the outpour of love, but Nipsey Hussle wouldn’t be fond of them accepting handouts. Especially since he did everything he could to make sure they were A1, so it’s simply just not necessary.