If you saw Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers drop $2,000 on the street would you chase him down and give it back? Rivers says that happened to him in San Francisco yesterday before his Clippers team beat the Golden State Warriors by completing the largest comeback in NBA Playoffs history.

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During the post-game press conference, Rivers spoke about the work of his team but then told a story before he left the podium.

“Shout out to the San Francisco person who at the corner today, I was walking down the street – this is a true story – I reached in my pocket to grab my phone, unbeknownst to me I dropped about two grand on the street, kept walking, didn’t know it. A guy tapped me on the back and said, ‘That’s your money,'” Rivers revealed to ESPN.


Between finding the cash and the Clippers knocking off Steph Curry and the Dubs, it was a great day for the legendary coach. Doc and the Clippers will now head back to Staples Center to host the Warriors in their series, which they tied up 1-1.


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Down 31, on the road, against the defending champs. CLIPPERS WIN!

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