Last year Donald Glover gave us the first preview of his upcoming partnership with adidas Originals, and now we’ve got an official look at the new “Donald Glover Presents” campaign.

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Unveiled over the span of five short films starring Glover, comedian & Academy Award-winning actress Mo’Nique and a quick-yet-memorable cameo from pro skater Na-Kel Smith — “You got some shit on your shoe!” — the new campaign kicks off with new iterations of the Nizza, Continental 80 and Lacombe models. Each incorporates different takes on the worn-in look, including uneven stitching, frayed seams and an off-white color theme that most people might associate with the yellowing of old garments. The idea comes from Glover’s own personal goal for this partnership, which is to test what consumers label as “rich” and “wealthy” by giving us shoes that appear extremely distressed in appearance. To double down on that, each shoe is boxed with inside-out adidas Originals packaging featuring a tear-strip opening and custom shoelaces that fringe with wear.

Experience the ‘Donald Glover Presents’ campaign via the “1985” short film seen above, as well as “Timber,” “Avocado,” “Polenta” and “Dusty” below. Check for Gambino’s version of the Lacombe ($90 USD), Nizza ($80 USD) and Continental 80 ($100 USD) to launch next Friday (April 26). More info at