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Most Cannabis activist will agree with the sentiment that the legalization effort has been one big real life civics lesson mixed with drama, comedy, and adventure. The frustration is real and the sacrifices made by ourselves and our families have been costly.

The decision to pull New Jersey’s Adult Use Cannabis bill S2703 from the senate floor for a vote was a smart move by NJ Senate President Steve Sweeney. The Senate didn’t have the votes needed to pass the bill and he essentially brought NJ more time to get the necessary support. The problem in NJ is we have two types of people: Flintstones and Jetsons.


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Our entire legislature is made up of mostly Flintstones and we’re asking them to make rules to a Jetsons game. These identifiers transcend race, age, gender, and religion. There are some really young Flintstones in NJ, and they are not all white. They are easy to identify because they tell on themselves by the words they use. If you still use the term “Gateway drug” when describing Cannabis, you’re a Flintstone. When describing Cannabis if you use the term “Dope”, you are a Flintstone. Regular Cannabis consumers haven’t used those terms in years. The gateway theory was scientifically debunked years ago. In fact, states that have comprehensive Medical Cannabis Programs are seeing an average of 25% reduction of Opioid addiction incidents and a drop in the number of prescriptions being written.

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Which is bad news for three types of money in New Jersey:

Old money, the Pharmaceutical Industry has been operating in New Jersey for generations.

Long money, the alcohol industry has been operating in New Jersey for generations also.

Big money, the Prison Industrial complex has been thriving in New Jersey evidence by ACLU’s annual arrest report for 2018.

This is happening because our ability to educate the masses has been severely hampered by a bunch of Flintstones. Education is how we can bring order to chaos in an industry that’s still in its infancy. It is also through education is how we can turn Flintstones in Jetsons and welcome them into the new world.

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