Ice Cube has announced that basketball legend Magic Johnson would be joining his team in an attempt to acquire 21 regional sports networks from the Walt Disney Company. Ice Cube made the announcement on social media via Twitter.

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Ice Cube is seeking to acquire the sports networks through his 3-on-3 basketball league, Big 3, to air content from celebrities and athletes such as Serena Williams and Snoop Dogg. Will Smith has also joined the bidding group.


It has been reported previously the “Today Was a Good Day” rapper had intentions to purchase the regional networks from Disney and he found a partner in fellow MC and entrepreneur LL. Cool J. Speaking on the importance of the possible acquisition, the “I’m Bad” rapper said, “I think it’s very important,” said LL. “ Look, look, we’re not excluding anybody. But it’s not going to be a moat with a castle inside of it. Everyone should be heard. Women should be heard. African-Americans, male and female, all different genders, everybody should have a voice. You know what I’m saying? Diversity is the truth, and it’s what American really is. The network needs to represent the culture. There are many facts but only one truth. America is diverse and the network should reflect that.”

After resigning from his executive post with Los Angeles Lakers, it seems as if the chances have increases of an African American owned sports network with the addition of the business acumen of Magic. With a reported net worth of more than 600 million dollars, Magic is more capable of helping to land this deal with Ice Cube’s BIG 3 leading the way.