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Netflix has released the trailer for their upcoming film, See You Yesterday, the directorial feature debut Spike Lee’s mentee Stefon Bristol.

The film stars Eden Duncan-Smith, Danté Crichlow, and Marsha Stephanie Blake telling the story of high school best friends and science prodigies, C.J. and Sebastian, who invent backpacks that will allow them to time travel. The duo will attempt to alter history when C.J.’s older brother died after an encounter with police officers, prompting the use of the backpacks to try to save him.

The film touches on familial love, cultural divides, and wanting to change the wrongs of the past.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Bristol details wanting to bring something new to superhero films.


“I love superhero movies, I’ll go see the Avengers, Spider-Man, but when I leave I feel empty,” Bristol said to EW. “Escapism is great, but too much of escapism only leaves our people stagnant. There’s no more growth. What I hope to do is figure out how to take a strong message and somehow make it digestible for everybody, not just for a black audience but everybody. This is still a conflict that’s happening. Right now, understandably so, the lens of police brutality is going down a little bit in the media because we have so many other problems that we have to deal with. I still have something to say about it. It’s still here.”

See You Yesterday is produced by Spike Lee and written and directed by Bristol and Fredrick Bailey. Matthew Myers and Jason Sokoloff serve as Executive Producers.

The film is set to release globally on May 17. You can view the trailer below.