After showing love to the West Coast last month for BAPE LA’s 1-year anniversary capsule, A Bathing Ape brings it back to the East Coast with a collection dedicated to good ol’ New York City.

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The Ape Head takes a huge bite out of the Big Apple with this extensive set of T-Shirts. Purple is the dominate colorway used throughout — a nod to NYU’s signature school colors, perhaps? — but there’s also a few white tees in the mix, as well as black, grey and red as well. In addition to tees, there’s also a range of crewnecks, hoodies, shorts, a coaches jacket, headwear and a keychain add-on that’s become a staple with most BAPE drops. The theme is driven by a Statue of Liberty-inspired Ape Head motif, and the city that never sleeps is definitely in for a treat by way of yet another fire capsule from the longstanding streetwear stalwart.

The first drop in A Bathing Ape’s NYC-inspired collection is available right now at BAPE New York and online, with the camo tees and bucket hat dropping at a later date on May 18. More pics below:

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