The man that was wounded in the Nipsey Hussle shooting was finally released from jail.

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Kerry Lathan was one of the other two men shot during the incident and was thrown in jail for allegedly violating his parole and associating with a known gang member, which is the late rapper. Lathan’s lawyer, Lauren Noriega, told the Daily News that her client is once again a free man.

“He’s very excited to be home with his family,” Noriega told the publication before detailing how the shooting has affected her client’s health.


“He’s still got the bullet in his back, and I don’t think they’re gonna remove that because it is so close to the spine, so he’s dealing with a lot of physical pain,” she stated. “Other than that he’s very pleased to be with his family.”

Nipsey Hussle fans were also glad to know that charges have been dropped and Lathan is free to celebrate his granddaughter’s birthday next month.