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Soulja Boy is currently sitting in a cell and had to hear the unfortunate news that a group of men broke into his home then went on Instagram Live to brag about it.

TMZ reports that the rapper’s associates reviewed the surveillance cameras, and the way the thieves knew when and how to enter the house, and where the safe was, makes them believe that the robbers were tipped off.

The day of the burglary Soulja’s team left the house for about three hours and the men broke in at least a half hour before they returned. From the looks of the security footage, they were in there for five minutes tops before cleaning SB of about $500,000 in valuables and money.



On top of that, the “Pretty Boy Swagg” rapper’s home is in a secluded location that’s difficult to find unless you’ve been there before. They entered through a door that was damaged during a police raid in February. So all of these coincidences have Soulja suspicious of it being an inside job.

The perpetrators hit up Soulja Boy’s San Fernando Valley home shortly after he got arrested for a probation violation earlier this month. They stole jewelry, cash, and his iPhone which allowed them access to his social media accounts to brag about what they’ve done and asked his celebrity friends for rap features.