It’s been a good minute since The Source spoke exclusively with the homie Solvan Naim, and it looks like “Slick” has been doing rather well for himself in the time since as he’s just landed a new Netflix series. The best part? His co-star just so happens to be his very own pet rescue dog, Bruno.

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According to Deadline who broke the news a few weeks ago, It’s Bruno! will follow Slick and his canine pal over an eight-episode arch as they navigate the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. Given the sheer randomness that happens in that particular area of NYC, we can only imagine the types of shenanigans those two will be getting into. Also starring alongside the duo are Naim’s other two dogs — all who happen to be rescue animals — in addition to Marvel Cinematic Universe actor Rob Morgan and GLOW actress Shakira Barrera.

Produced by Stage 13, SLI Entertainment and Phiphen Pictures, It’s Bruno! will be accompanied by a rap album performed by Slick himself that will soundtrack the series, including a song titled “Turnt Tonight.”

Check for Solvan “Slick” Naim and Bruno to star in It’s Bruno! when it premieres on May 17 via Netflix.